IBT Laboratories (IBT) has appointed Michael Ling as vice president of research and development of the company, Christian Darabant as vice president of pharmaceutical business development of the company, Michael Paulsen as senior director of sales and Corey Hampton as director of marketing of the company.

In his role as vice president of research and development, Ling manages IBT’s development of new tests in allergy and immunology. He brings with him over 25 years of experience in conducting research and managing assay-development teams that led to FDA-cleared and CE-marked molecular diagnostics and immunoassays. In his last position, he was director of assay development at SQI Diagnostics, Inc., where he led the development of a multiplex immunoassay for rheumatoid arthritis.

In his role as vice president of pharmaceutical business development, Darabant is responsible for expanding IBT’s pharmaceutical and biotech business, leading the design and implementation of the company’s strategy to serve new and existing customers in this important sector. In his last position, he was director of business development at PRL Central Laboratory Services.

In his role as senior director of sales, Paulsen leads the design and implementation of the sales strategy for IBT’s clinical-diagnostic business. Paulsen came to IBT from LabCorp, where he led a regional sales team covering a seven-state territory. He has over 25 years experience in sales and business development after starting his career as a registered nurse and clinical supervisor of a hospital ICU.

In his role as director of marketing, Hampton oversees the planning, design, and implementation of IBT’s marketing-communications strategy for the clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical services, and reagents/kit businesses. Previously, he was founder and president of Presidio Marketing, where he directed the strategic marketing initiatives for several companies in a variety of industries.

“The landscape for our services has changed markedly since we started IBT Labs 25 years ago,” said John F. Halsey, IBT’s founder. “What began as a small, niche market has become core to the latest advances in medicine. Today, we are recognized worldwide as leaders in immunology and allergy testing, known for both the quality of our results, and our expertise in assay development. Over the past several years we have enjoyed double-digit growth in all segments of our business. Breakthrough biomarker discoveries, new protein-based therapeutics that work by triggering the body’s immune system, and the steady progress toward ‘personalized medicine’ will continue to drive the demand for our services to physicians and pharmaceutical-development companies in the years to come.”

Halsey continued, “We’re now structuring the company for the future. In May, Maureen Loftus joined us as president. She, along with our talented and expanded leadership team, is responsible for execution of IBT’s growth strategy. Effective this month, I have retired from an active company-management role to focus my time and energy on my position as IBT’s clinical laboratory director and senior scientific advisor. I also remain a member of IBT’s board of directors. However, our mission has not changed: to develop novel assays and serve customers with the most accurate, reliable, and comprehensive suite of immunological tests available by applying the latest scientific discoveries to cutting-edge clinical methodologies. For anyone interested in the future of diagnostic testing – IBT is clearly a company to watch.”