Hycor Biomedical, a manufacturer and marketer of in-vitro diagnostic products for the global allergy, autoimmune and urinalysis markets used in clinical laboratories throughout the world, has appointed Richard Hockins to the position of vice president (VP) of sales and marketing.

Mr Hockins has over 15 years of management experience in sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and in-vitro diagnostics sectors. He held various positions including director of marketing and service of BRAHMS biomarkers unit at Thermo Fisher Scientific, director of marketing at Exagen Diagnostics, as well as sales and marketing roles for Roche Diagnostics, and Gen-Probe.

Dick Aderman, president and CEO of Hycor Biomedical, said: “The immediate goal for Hycor is to build an outstanding brand in the clinical diagnostic market. Richard is a results-driven sales and marketing professional, and we are delighted to have him lead our global sales and marketing team.

“His expertise will contribute to the success of our new allergy product launches, enhance our efforts to support our clinical and distributor business partners while helping Hycor build our global market share in allergy, autoimmune, urinalysis and infectious disease.”

Mr Hockins said: “With my extensive experience in medical sales and marketing in the clinical laboratory sector, I am excited to be a part of helping to reinvigorate this organisation under Dick’s leadership. As an independent company we will better leverage our technology to improve patient care and create a stronger competitor in the diagnostics industry.”