“Health plans are investing significant time and money developing integrated systems to run their wellness and condition management operations,” said Michael Samuelson, President and CEO of HWI. “We realized that the market was looking for a scalable, turnkey application that can talk to a plan’s existing systems, track member engagement, and streamline the reporting process.”

HWI has engineered the new iteration of H.I.T.S. to exchange data with a health plan or employer’s external databases or hosted applications for health management. These data are then presented in an online interface, providing a dashboard view of member uptake and completion metrics across multiple programs and resources. Individual members can easily track, via a personalized portal, their progress against program milestones. Additionally, the plan administrator can access real time reports related to the progress of their population.

“Previous versions of H.I.T.S. allowed us to track and report on participation in real time, whether it was at the worksite using our proprietary card scanning process, tracking online interactions such as health risk assessments or online programs, or through automated data inputs by the sponsor. In this new release, we built upon those reporting and incentive administration functions with the addition of compliance-tracking capabilities,” said Bill Dukes, Chief Innovation Officer. “This new functionality will support the health plan or employer in the implementation of multiple incentive strategies, whether they involve a premium reduction, an HSA contribution, or other types of direct rewards to the individual like gift cards.”