The company will incorporate the technology into its current high-volume production environment at its Genomic Services Laboratory.

The system will be used for sequencing individuals’ entire genetic make-up or DNA and it helps to produce and analyze genomic data on timescales and at a cost that are relevant to enable routine human whole genome sequencing.

According to HudsonAlpha, genomic information is useful for diagnosing and treating diseases, as hospitals and healthcare organizations use genetic testing to determine proper treatment regimens for patients.

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology president Richard Myers said: "People are inherently curious and concerned about their health and that of their families.

"Most of us wouldn’t trade our health for anything, and the HiSeq X Ten sequencing system will help HudsonAlpha continue to produce data that can reveal the genetic causes of inherited diseases and advance our understanding of complex disorders."

HudsonAlpha also noted that the system will also help its genomic scientists and educators better communicate how genomic information can be incorporated into patient care and treatment.

HudsonAlpha was recently approved by the federal government to accept clinical samples for sequencing and return the results directly to physicians, in addition to continuing their research arm.

Image: The Illumina HiSeq X Ten System. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire/ HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.