The instrument, which is designed for use in clinical and research laboratories, features a barcode-driven template or custom user select protocols which allow multiplexing of up to 47 genes per well using less than a single 5 µm section of FFPE tissue.

In addition, the system eliminates the time-consuming and complex qPCR processes of extraction, amplification, and labeling and can deliver up to 1,500 answers per 24-hour cycle.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics CEO TJ Johnson said when fully integrated into a laboratory setting, the system can deliver up to 7000 answers from any sample type per work-week.

" It is the simple, walk-away automated solution to the ‘Tissue Issue,’ needing to do more with increasingly smaller samples, many laboratories encounter," Johnson added,

"The EDGE system derives and reports quantifiable results from a minimal amount of even old or degraded FFPE tissue samples.

"The launch of the EDGE system will mark an industry shift in workflow optimization and therefore a significant and necessary move toward more accessible and accurate answers for laboratorians and patients."