The mobile health monitoring solution helps healthcare professionals to share near real time information to detect, treat and prevent cardiovascular conditions.

As part of the 8-week trial, 100 patients from Frontier Healthcare Group in Singapore will wear a watch-like monitoring device, the HealthSTATS’ wireless BPro, reported.

HealthSTATS’ proprietary software translates the patient data into meaningful clinical readings.

The information is wirelessly relayed to a centralized healthcare data repository powered by SingTel’s cloud infrastructure.
HP provides the mobile application, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and data aggregation.

HP brings this together with the service portal, where doctors’ comments, patient medical diaries and graphical clinical readings can be accessed anytime on an Internet-connected device.

Frontier Healthcare Group will provide additional post-trial expertise to fine-tune the patients’ interface with the technology and refine the doctor-patient engagement made possible with this new level of health monitoring.