Horiba Medical and Medica have entered into a non-exclusive agreement for the worldwide distribution of the EasyCell assistant digital hematology cell imaging system for use in hospitals and clinical laboratories.

The EasyCell assistant improves productivity by automatically locating white cells on a blood smear and pre-classifying them on a display, grouped by cell type.

The system also displays images of red cells and platelets for performance of red cell morphology and platelet estimates.

Medica president Robert Hagopian noted that the addition of the EasyCell to Horiba Medical’s hematology product line makes it possible for a wide range of clinical laboratories to realize the efficiencies resulting from automated digital cell differential analysis of stained slides using pattern recognition technology.
"Medica is pleased to be HORIBA Medical’s partner in this effort," Hagopian added.

In addition to assisting technologists with cell classification, the EasyCell features Remote Viewing Software for sharing of cell images throughout the hospital and Competency Review Software for training of medical technologists in the hematology laboratory.