The Ysio wi-D features a wireless detector that can be used in bucky, on the table and stand, or can be placed underneath or next to the patient. Equipped with over seven million pixels, the 35cm x 43cm detector has the highest pixel count of any detector of its kind, providing excellent image quality to assist with diagnosis.

The system helps to speed up examinations by delivering image previews in less than five seconds after exposure, without the need to change or process cassettes. It is convenient for imaging awkward areas and also improves care for patients in beds or wheelchairs, as they can be examined without needing to be transferred to the table.

Colin West, head of Imaging Services at Homerton Hospital, said: “The Ysio has allowed us to increase our X-ray capacity by 50 per cent and its wireless detector provides real ease-of-use for our radiographers.

“The system’s display screen is of such a high quality that even the smallest abnormalities are detected. The machine can be programmed to automatically move into the right position, saving time, manual effort and streamlining workflow. There is no doubt that the installation of the Ysio has resulted in quicker diagnosis for trauma patients brought straight into the department from A&E.”