The NovaSure system is designed to apply radiofrequency energy to the endometrium and gently remove the lining of the uterus in two minutes or less. The new system offers customers a smaller diameter (6mm) ablation device and an advanced interactive touchscreen radiofrequency controller.

The Company expects a full market release in both the domestic and international markets for the new NovaSure 6mm device in December 2014.

The NovaSure product enhancements are designed to improve patient comfort and physician ease-of-use while maintaining the clinical efficacy of the system. The new 6mm device requires less dilation and is designed to improve patient comfort – especially for patients under local anesthesia and/or paracervical block in-office.

An advanced radiofrequency touchscreen controller provides physicians with procedural instructions on the controller interface along with an ablation timer and procedural summary screen.

The NovaSure system is used to treat women with abnormal uterine bleeding or heavy periods, a condition that affects one in five women 35-49 years old. NovaSure endometrial ablation is a one-time, five-minute procedure that can be done in the doctor’s office.

To date over 2 million women have chosen the NovaSure procedure to treat the problem of lifestyle-restricting menstrual periods.

"Our next-generation NovaSure system provides feature enhancements that our customers have been requesting while maintaining the efficacy of the NovaSure ablation profile that has proven superior to other endometrial ablation modalities for over 10 years," said Carter Houghton, Hologic’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, GYN Surgical Solutions.