Fluent has been developed to provide operating room (OR) staff with an efficient fluid management system for hysteroscopic procedures, said Hologic.

Hologic medical director and global medical affairs vice president Dr Edward Evantash said: “Fluid management plays a vital role in gynecological procedures, yet there have been few advances in the technology.

“The Fluent system is changing the game in fluid management. Developed in response to the challenges facing nurses and doctors performing hysteroscopies, it combines a streamlined design with innovative technology for more efficient fluid monitoring during procedures.”

The Fluent system is provided with a single waste bag design and advanced FloPak technology to better manage fluid use across the procedure, enabling to simplify hysteroscopic operations.

Hologic’s system also features an interface that offers step-by-step instructions for setup, disassembly and troubleshooting, helping to optimize OR workflow.

The large visual and audible alerts monitor fluid deficit, pressure, low fluid bags, and full waste bags, enabling to carry out procedures efficiently.

The Fluent system also holds capacity to detect accurate fluid deficit within +/- 50 mL, helping OR staff to conduct hysteroscopic procedures with increased clinical confidence.

Hologic’s new system is said to enhance and streamline hysteroscopic workflow in combination with different hysteroscopic devices.

With an integrated MyoSure controller, the Fluent system serves as an all-in-one fluid management and tissue removal system.

The Fluent system is also provided with fluid and vacuum systems to optimize the performance of the MyoSure system.

The firm’s MyoSure product portfolio is comprised of MyoSure REACH, MyoSure XL, MyoSure LITE, and MyoSure MANUAL devices, which can be used for tissue removal in a wide range of sizes and locations.

Hologic GYN surgical solutions president Sean Daugherty said: “This launch is a testament to how our strong customer partnerships and unique technological innovations enable us to provide healthcare professionals the advanced equipment they need to improve lives.”