Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX), a global leader in women’s health, has launched its expanded Omni® suite, a comprehensive gynecological surgical offering designed to optimize diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA). The offering now includes a versatile Omni 30° hysteroscope, the Omni Lok cervical seal and the Omni 5 French seal, which complement the company’s existing portfolio of GYN surgical solutions and extend physicians’ choices.

The Omni hysteroscope portfolio offers improved diagnostic and operative versatility through three interchangeable sheaths ranging from 3.7 to 6 millimeters with 0°, or the new 30°, field of view options. The long 200 millimeter working length further supports adapting the procedure to the patient’s anatomy. This system of interchangeable sheaths enables “see and treat” applications by quickly switching from diagnostic to operative hysteroscopy, even in an outpatient environment, with less need for sterilization. The Omni hysteroscope with its premium HD rod lens is therefore designed to enable an optimal hysteroscopic experience.

The addition of the Omni™ Lok cervical seal and the Omni 5 French seal cap to Hologic’s portfolio supports procedural efficiency. The Omni Lok seal is a first-in-its-class product designed to help maintain uterine distention and improve procedural efficiency in the operating room (OR) by minimizing fluid leakage during hysteroscopic procedures byan average of 94%.1,2 It is compatible with MyoSure® and Omni hysteroscopes. The Omni 5 French Seal Cap also can reduce leakage and backsplash by over 75% when using 5 French tools.3

“The option to ‘see and treat’ is becoming more common across Europe. There is an increasing awareness of the benefits of moving these types of procedures to the out-patient environment and this has been further highlighted by the pandemic. Gynecologists need to have access to a wider range of products that enable them to adapt quickly to the requirements of each patient,” said Tanja Brycker, VP Strategic Development BSH & Surgical – International. “Hologic has consulted extensively with our customers, and the latest additions to the Omni suite of hysteroscopic products were developed based on their feedback. This is especially true for the Omni 30° hysteroscope, which clearly demonstrates our continuing commitment to meeting our customers’ needs. We expect Omni 30° will quickly become a device of choice for use in out-patients by gynecologists across EMEA.”

Managing fluid loss is a critical element of hysteroscopies, as less fluid on floors and the operating table can improve physician estimates of fluid loss, as well as reduce cleanup and OR turnover time. This in turn may help physicians schedule more patients, increasing productivity.1,2

Hologic’s full product suite includes the Omni 30° and 0° hysteroscopes, the Omni Lok cervical seal and the Omni 5 French seal. The Omni Suite is designed to enhance utilization of Hologic’s wider GYN surgical portfolio including the MyoSure® tissue removal system and the Fluent® fluid management system.

Source: Company Press Release