HNT Medical has been serving physicians’ needs by manufacturing customized medical equipment and disposable products since 1997.

The durability, sturdiness and flexibility of the Surgiline® Series will be a great addition to the market through the joint efforts of HNT Medical and Bicakcilar.  HNT Medical manufacturing facilities are FDA-registered with full compliance to the quality system regulations (QSR) and certain UL-Certified products.

They offer custom solutions for physicians with their specialties that include: OR table/surgical table, dialysis and blood draw chairs, ENT chairs, dermatology, gynecology, procedure, and podiatry chairs.

The exclusive contract to manufacture Bicakcilar’s Surgical Tables provides extensive technological advances for HNT Medical.  “I’m honored and very happy to have this opportunity,” said Jonathan Powell President of HNT Medical.

“HNT Medical has strived to provide a complete platform of medical chairs and tables manufacturing for a global market.  From our pediatric Zoopals tables to our physician-specific exam chairs, NITROCARE hospital beds and now the Surgiline Surgical Table with Bicakcilar, we now cover the full-spectrum of medical community equipment needs.  We are truly excited for a long-term partnership and growth with Bicakcilar.”

Souheil ElHakim, CEO of Bicakcilar also added, “We are very excited to step into the North American market as we set our goals for Strategy 2020.

“This is a great starting point and opportunity for us on the way to become a truly global brand as we enhance our surgery portfolio. Our partnership with HNT Medical is invaluable and we know that with their strong presence and knowledge of the market, jointly, we will keep growing into the future.”