The company unveiled the next level of intelligent Vector Flow Mapping (iVFM) at EuroEcho Imaging 2018 in Milan, Italy.

Hitachi claims that the third generation the technology offers unique information about the intraventricular vortex and its energetic efficiency, including Kinetic Energy Loss, Relative pressure or Wall Shear Stress display and analysis.

The new iVFM has been built on 2D/4D/4G CMUT LISENDO 880LE ultrasound system, as a part of the HDAnalytics, which is an accurate CV analysis package for cardiac hemodynamic assessments. It features faster data processing with automation for simplified workflow.

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe president and chief operating officer Jean-Luc Budillon said: “Since their inception, today’s ultrasound systems have progressed to become essential medical devices for all levels of cardiovascular care.

“The LISENDO 880LE is Hitachi’s new premium 2D/4D/4G CMUT diagnostic ultrasound solution for cardiologists that redefines the vision of cardiac ultrasound by providing exceptional clinical performance coupled with state-of-the-art features and analytics.”

Presently, Hitachi offers a full range of cardiovascular imaging systems, all of which have been designed to be true one-system solution for adult, fetal, paediatric and congenital heart patients. With the introduction of the iVFM, the company claims to have raised bar not only in image quality, but also in technology, putting cardiologists to the next level in CV ultrasound imaging.

University Hospital Ramón y Cajal Medicine Professor Cardiology Head Jose Luis Zamorano said: “VFM offer a better insight into cardiac physiology and is a new way of analyzing Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy responders. VFM is easy to analyze and makes creates a better understanding of cardiac diseases.”

Hitachi Medical Systems Europe is a supplier of high-field MRI systems, multi-slice CT systems as well as medical ultrasound, endoscopic and optical topography systems.

Its ultrasound expertise includes clinical applications such as cardiology, radiology, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, gastroenterology, urology and surgery.