Highmark Interactive’s EQ application fuses the latest in neuroscience, engaging games and artificial intelligence to test and track a variety of neurologic functions affected by a number of conditions including concussions.

By using EQ’s engaging and interactive mobile games, athletes, parents and coaches can assess neurological performance when a person is healthy and use this ongoing healthy range against a ‘point of collision’ test following a worrisome hit, fall or collision.

Highmark Interactive executive chairman and co-founder Sanjeev Sharma said: “By using technology, a smartphone and fun games we can understand a person’s healthy state. Then if there is a collision on the field, ice or at the playground, the same device can be used to run a ‘point of collision’ test. This test can be used to determine if there has been significant variance from an athletes healthy results which allows for data-driven decisions and limits the need to guess if someone is ok.”

Highmark Interactive has already caught the attention of the elite sports and medical world with an impressive lineup who have joined Highmark Interactive’s team of advisors.

The professional advisors include: Hayley Wickenheiser, five-time Olympic medalist; Mark McMorris, Olympic medalist; Bryce Salvador, 14 seasons in the NHL; Andy O’Brien, Director of Sport Science & Performance, Pittsburgh Penguins; and Chuck Kobasew, 10-Year NHL Veteran.

Highmark Interactive’s EQ tool is listed with the FDA, based on clinically proven tests and backed by an industry-leading medical advisory board. The medical advisory board in includes: Dr. Christopher C. Giza, MD and Professor – Departments of Pediatrics and Neurosurgery – UCLA; Dr. Grant L. Iverson, PhD and Professor – Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Harvard Medical School; and Dr. Mihaly Kis, Neurosurgeon – Trillium Health Partners.

Sharma said: “EQ represents the fusing of neuroscience, video games and artificial intelligence to create an entirely new paradigm in concussion management and assessment. Having been a physician for over 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand how necessary a tool like this is.

“Our vision has been backed by some of the brightest minds in sports and medicine and we believe EQ is a fundamental shift in neurological performance testing and concussion management.”

Source: Company Press Release.