HiberGene Diagnostics has introduced a new product, which the company claims can be used to quickly and correctly diagnose the presence of meningococcal bacteria.

The HG Meningococcus direct swab test enables physicians to detect meningococcal bacteria by using non-invasive throat swab samples.

It is said to provide results in less than one hour, helping physicians to quickly provide appropriate treatment for patients.

The throat swab test will detect all known pathogenic Neisseria Meningitidis serogroups A, B, C, 29E, W135, X, Y, Z at very low levels.

It uses loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology to detect infectious diseases.

HiberGene said the new application is additional to the use of CSF and whole blood in the meningococcal test previously launched by the company.

By using LAMP platform, the company developed rapid and highly sensitive diagnostic tests for Meningococcus and Group B Streptococcus, which can be used in different clinical or laboratory setting.

HiberGene CEO Brendan Farrell said: “The release of HiberGene’s HG Meningococcus Throat Swab test means that patients suspected of meningococcal disease can be diagnosed using a non-invasive sample, and even more rapidly than by using HiberGene’s previously launched test for the disease, which uses CSF and whole blood as samples.

“With this new innovation, healthcare professionals can now significantly speed up diagnosis, improving patient care.”