This is first clinic in Canada to feature the highly anticipated PoNS neurotechnology from US-based Helius Medical Technologies.

They have plans to open their second location, the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic in Surrey, BC, in next January with others to follow in major urban areas across Canada.

Helius Medical Technologies’ Health Canada-approved PoNS (Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) neurotechnology can provide powerful therapy to clients experiencing persistent balance deficits, from past mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries, when combined with physical or cognitive therapy. The PoNS device is the first non-invasive means for delivering neurostimulation through the tongue, and is designed to amplify the brain’s powerful ability to heal itself.

Heuro Canada managing director Rudi van den Broek says the technology can help many Canadians manage balance disorder in a non-invasive way.

He said: “The PoNS technology offers a transformative treatment experience for balance symptoms from previous mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries.

“By combining physical or cognitive therapy with innovative neurotechnologies, successful treatment is possible and can help Canadians maximize their potential and overall wellness.”

Heuro Canada clinical lead Nicole Strachan says the new comprehensive treatment plan, which spans 16 weeks, focuses on each client’s personal rehabilitation.

She said: “Each therapeutic plan is highly individualized to the needs of the client, making it possible for Canadians to manage their neurological symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.”

The grand opening of Neurotherapy Montreal is Friday, 7th December.

Heuro Canada is continuing to deploy the Heuro Program in licensed clinics across Canada, as part of its broader goal to offer innovative treatment programming that helps Canadians restore their livelihood and overcome persistent deficiencies, such as gait and balance, from past brain injuries.

Source: Company Press Release