Brain-Pad’s NatureZone UV/Ozone oral sanitizer is a new solution to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize oral appliances including mouth guards, retainers, dentures, night guards, and more.

Brain-Pad claimed that, equipped with a patented ultraviolet light and ozone ion technology, NatureZone kills 99.9% of germs and viruses that can lead to MRSA, Staph and Strep bacteria on any oral appliance in less than three minutes.

Henry Schein will also market and distribute Brain-Pad’s line of protective and performance dual-arch athletic mouth guards to dental practitioners and laboratories on a non-exclusive basis.

Tim Sullivan, president of Henry Schein Dental, said: “Mouth guards that provide critical protection for athletes and important oral health appliances such as retainers and dentures can pose a significant health risk due to the serious pathogens these appliances can harbor. Henry Schein is proud to partner with Brain-Pad to ensure that this safe, easy-to-use, portable sanitizing product is available to all of our customers and their patients.”

Joseph Manzo, chief executive officer of Brain-Pad, said: “Henry Schein’s unparalleled distribution networks, close relationships with customers, and stellar reputation for educating its customers about the most innovative new products on the market makes Henry Schein an ideal partner for Brain-Pad.

“Our products give dental patients solutions to protect their investment in dental procedures and appliances. We look forward to collaborating with Henry Schein to provide these unique protective and performance products for dental professionals across North America.”