By using a three-wavelength optical illumination and visualization system, the Indentafi device allows dental professionals to identify biochemical and morphological changes in cells of the mouth, throat, tongue and tonsils and screen for oral cancers and pre-cancers.

DentalEZ Group president and chief operating officer Gordon Hagler said, "We admire the active role that Henry Schein has taken to advocate for the early screening of oral cancer, as well as their proven ability to build market share for innovative products like the StarDental Identafi Oral Cancer Screening Device."

Henry Schein dental division president Tim Sullivan said the company has been dedicated to the early detection of oral cancer for many years.

"We look forward to our new partnership with a renowned, worldwide dental company such as DentalEZ Group, and working together to expand our Total Health Beyond The Mouth initiative, which underscores our steadfast commitment to help our dental customers provide the best and most comprehensive care possible to patients," Sullivan added.