Henry Schein Medical is the US business arm of its parent company Henry Schein and is the exclusive distributor of Medpod products and services.

Henry Schein has developed the new Medpod MobileDoc 2, based on the original MobileDoc, to facilitate mobilisation of care to the patient location, widening provider reach with remote consultations, and transforming any environment into a clinical care setting.

The new Medpod MobileDoc 2 is set to leverage the latest advancements in live, cloud-based, two-way televideo communication and real-time streams of clinical data from medical devices.

In addition, the device allows the remote providers to capture a wide range of clinical diagnostic and laboratory patient data to help in decision making and improved patient outcomes.

Henry Schein US medical group president Brad Connett said: “Henry Schein Medical is eager to bring this enhanced Medpod offering to our customers in multiple market segments, helping transform their practices and improve relationships with patients looking for convenient access to health care.

“Together with Medpod, we look forward to expanding off-site point-of-care options our customers can rely on to meet their patients’ portable needs.”

Medpod’s cloud-based software and modular infrastructure is customised to meet the needs of providers and operators and the new enhancements are expected to provide a full suite of telediagnostic solutions, for customizable, high-quality, and convenient care for remote patients.

The patent-pending MobileDoc 2 is equipped with professional-grade medical devices and instruments including dermatoscopes, electrocardiograms, advanced HD video and EHR connectivity.

In addition, the device includes live translation services, which provides remote video translation in 250 languages with 24/7 on-demand access to maintain high-level, convenient patient care with visual communication

Medpod chairman and chief executive officer Jack Tawil said: “By transforming telemedicine with a comprehensive and scalable telediagnostics platform, Medpod connects software and medical devices, optimizes health care delivery, and maximizes patient management throughout the continuum of care.

“Thanks to our distributor partner, Henry Schein, we can help practitioners break down the barriers to deliver high quality, convenient care.”