The 56 day red blood cell storage solution, which was developed in collaboration with US Army and the US based University of Cincinnati, is designed to reduce storage lesions and improve the quality of red blood cells.

LEUKOSEP and LEUP technologies CTO and inventor Majid Zia said the ability to provide extended storage for red blood cells can reduce red blood cell outdating, provide better logistics and mitigate shortages in emergency or natural disaster situations.

"SOLX was developed to reduce storage lesions and improve the quality of red blood cells through the current standard 42 day storage period," Zia added.

"This is extremely important as enhanced red cell quality is of great interest in potentially improving patient outcomes in transfusions."

The company said it is expecting to obtain FDA approval for the SOLX system in 2013.

In addition to the CE mark, the company is in negotiations to be acquired by Haemonetics, a provider of blood management solutions.

Haemonetics president and CEO Brian Concannon said the addition of Hemerus’ SOLX collection system complements the portfolio of whole blood collection, filtration and processing product lines, which the company recently acquired from Pall.

"We will proceed with the Haemonetics and Pall elements of that offering while the FDA examination process for the SOLX solution continues," Concannon added.