HemCon Medical Technologies (HemCon) has partnered with ENTrigue Surgical (ENTrigue), a provider of medical devices and therapies for surgeries of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), to develop and distribute HemCon’s Synaero hemostatic surgical gel.

Synaero hemostatic gel, based on HemCon’s oxidized cellulose platform, is a hemostatic gel to be used during and after ENT surgical procedures to control bleeding, minimise edema and prevent adhesions.

Synaero Hemostatic Gel is designed to be administered endoscopically to the nasal cavity and lightly coat the mucosal tissue to control bleeding and eliminates the need for nasal packing to control bleeding.

HemCon and ENTrigue said that the gel provide surgeons clear visibility of the surgical field, allowing for more precise and faster procedures, as well as increased patient comfort.

HemCon president and CEO John Morgan said that HemCon is proud to be leveraging one of its platform technologies and expanding its hemostatic product offerings into the ENT surgical world.

“Synaero is the perfect complement to ENTrigue’s extensive line of otolaryngology products and they are a strong partner in the industry having gained the trust of clinicians with their expertise,” Morgan said.