HemCon Medical Technologies Inc. announced a new collaborative development agreement with ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.’s (ProMetic) UK-based division, ProMetic BioSciences Ltd. Together, HemCon and ProMetic will develop and validate a sterile, single-use antibody capture device for the removal of isoagglutinin antibodies. The exclusive agreement covers the development of a new capture device, based on ProMetic’s affinity adsorbent technology, for both single source and pooled plasma in combination with the HemCon Lyophilized Plasma (LyP) System currently under development. Under the terms of the agreement, the development program will be funded by HemCon and both companies will jointly own all collaboration technology for the new device that is intended for the LyP System. In addition, HemCon will have exclusive purchasing rights for the device and ProMetic will be its sole supplier for the LyP System. Plasma, the protein-rich fluid component of blood, is used clinically for the treatment of hemorrhagic and hypovolemic shock. Depending upon the blood type of the plasma donor, there is a risk that antibodies may be present to A and/or B blood group antigens. Such antibodies are commonly referred to as isoagglutinins and administring plasma with anti-A or anti-B isoagglutinins to recipients who possess the same blood group antigen can give rise to serious adverse reactions. Removal of isoagglutinin antibodies from plasma avoids the requirement to match plasma to the blood type of the recipient. If isoagglutinin antibody removal is combined with the HemCon LyP System, a novel plasma preservation system, which provides human plasma in a freeze-dried form, it would provide a stable and universally applicable plasma for emergency use. Such a product would represent a global revenue opportunity in excess of $500 million USD per annum by the year 2012. “HemCon is pleased to collaborate with ProMetic to develop this innovative capture device,” said John W. Morgan, CEO of HemCon. “ProMetic has worked with many influential companies and organizations, including the American Red Cross, to ensure the purification of blood, plasma and plasma-derived products. As we continue to develop our new Lyophilized Plasma System, ProMetic’s technology will help us broaden our donor supply pool and increase the resuscitation fluid options for our military and civilian customers.” “ProMetic is excited to work with HemCon on this project as it combines many of ProMetic’s strengths and is a perfect fit with our established business,” said Steve Burton, PhD., CEO of ProMetic BioSciences Ltd. “By teaming with HemCon, who have a proven track record of innovation and commercial success in life-saving medical products, we can add value to their Lyophilized Plasma System and jointly drive and generate revenues from our respective experience in the plasma products field.”