HeartBeam, a cardiac technology company that has developed the first and only 3D-vector electrocardiogram (VECG) platform for heart attack detection anytime, anywhere, today announced the strategic acquisition of substantially all assets from LIVMOR, a digital health solutions company providing a patient-engaging remote monitoring system of critical physiological biomarkers. The acquisition extends HeartBeam’s reach in remote monitoring and detection with full ownership of an existing cutting-edge FDA-cleared product.

Founded in 2016, LIVMOR developed the Halo+ Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Detection System, the world’s first FDA-cleared prescription wearable for continuous cardiac rhythm monitoring. The Halo system provides continuous monitoring of pulse rhythms for the detection of AF on-demand during the day and automatically overnight. LIVMOR’s technology was commercially deployed within the VA Healthcare System in Dallas, Texas.

In February 2022, HeartBeam partnered with LIVMOR to build a HeartBeam-branded version of LIVMOR’s FDA-cleared Halo cloud-based software platform to connect physicians and patients. Utilizing the Halo cloud-based platform allowed HeartBeam to meet its schedule for FDA submission of the HeartBeam AIMI software for acute care settings that provides a 3D vector electrogram (VECG) comparison of baseline and symptomatic 12-lead ECG to more accurately identify a heart attack.

Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, HeartBeam purchased LIVMOR’s intellectual property for an undisclosed amount, including 3 issued United States patents, LIVMOR technology, including the Halo AF Detection System, LIVMORs business contracts and relationships as well as all Samsung watch and tablet inventory. Additionally, HeartBeam hired LIVMOR’s key technical employees.

“We’re very pleased to complete this acquisition as it is a natural fit and extension of our successful partnership with LIVMOR and our complementary goals to dramatically improve patient outcomes and to significantly reduce healthcare system costs,” said Branislav Vajdic, Ph.D., HeartBeam CEO and Founder. “The fact that these intellectual property and product assets were developed by the technical team that is now part of HeartBeam means that we will be able to integrate the Halo cloud-based software platform with our AIMGO solution in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” concluded Vajdic.

Source: Company Press Release