HearAtLast, an operator of hearing clinics in the US, has announced the development of a new software program for off-site hearing screen tests.

HearAtLast developed the proprietary software as a web based program which can be accessed from locations run as affiliate or licensed locations.

Authorized personnel in locations affiliated or licensed by HearAtLast can access and use the software.

According to HearAtLast, the 3-5 minute self-administered test, at completion, will generate an audiogram illustrating the level of hearing loss for each ear.

HearAtLast business development vice president Aldo Rotondi noted some time ago, the company announced an interactive screen test however with its new advanced development on its proprietary software specifically designed for HearAtLast’s needs, the company will be able to screen individuals more effectively than previously.

"This proprietary software is not only allowing us to look at many other opportunities of how and where we can license HearAtLast locations but it is already allowing our licensing model to expand the HearAtLast brand outside of the Canadian market. We expect to bring our Hearing Screen test to the masses," Rotondi added.