Under the contract, HealthTrust’s 1,400 not-for-profit and for-profit acute care facility members will gain access to IRadimed’s MRidium systems including MRidium3860 MRI Infusion system.

The MRidium system offers a modular second channel, which when attached to the 3860 IV Pump, can deliver two medications simultaneously during patient scans.

The MRidium3860 MRI Infusion system also has the capabilities of integrating Masimo’s SET SpO2, designed for continuous monitoring of patients from the ICU, NICU, Neurology and other areas of the hospital right into the MRI Suite.

The 3860 system also offers an expanded drug library with dose error reduction system (DERS), which provides the patient safety features and helps to prevent medication entry errors while programming infusions.

In addition, the device has an optional fully featured wireless remote control monitor that has true plug and play capabilities, requiring no installation.

IRadimed president and founder Roger Susi said, "It is critical to have products which have been designed with the utmost care and thorough insight of this harsh and potentially dangerous environment."