The new 5 cm x 7 cm size of OASIS Ultra, which is a naturally-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) material, is formed using three layers of porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS).

Indiana University School of Medicine dermatology, cutaneous oncology divisions and dermatologic surgery assistant professor and director Ally-Khan Somani said the installation of the triple-layer SIS technology has significantly changed the way to treat patients with chronic wounds.

"OASIS Ultra provides physicians with an easy- to-work-with material that features improved handling to facilitate placement and fixation, as well as increased structure and greater durability to minimize disruption to forming tissue," Somani added.

In addition to OASIS Ultra, the company’s products include OASIS Wound Matrix and 7 cm x 10 cm and 7 cm x 20 cm sizes of OASIS Ultra 18.