The primary objective of the agreement is the implementation of an imaging analytics software platform, with an initial focus on thoracic oncology.

"We are very excited to reach this important milestone with Moffitt. Their investigators are global leaders in oncology research and care and are pioneering the exciting new field of radiomics," stated Praveen Sinha, HealthMyne CEO.

"Quantitative imaging analysis and patient cohort comparisons can effectively and efficiently offer REAL big data benefits to both researchers and clinical care team members alike."

One important component of the technology agreement is a structured, mineable repository of de-identified tumor descriptors that will allow investigators to evaluate samples for imaging biomarkers.

"The tumor characterization and data mining capabilities that the HealthMyne solution provides will help to accelerate our efforts to identify and validate important radiomic signatures," said to Robert J. Gillies, PhD, chair of the Department of Cancer Imaging and Metabolism at Moffitt. "We have moved from viewing images as pictures to seeing them as data, and that is a very empowering clinical care step."

HealthMyne is a healthcare IT company that brings evidence-based imaging analysis and actionable insights to radiologists and oncologists at the point of care.

The company’s unique approach to clinical imaging enables healthcare providers to optimize individual patient care, while lowering overall care cost. The company was founded in 2013 by a seasoned group of highly successful healthcare industry entrepreneurs.