Reportedly, in 2009, Solta Medical has received FDA clearance to market and sell both the Thermage CPT and Fraxel re:store Dual systems.

Solta Medical said that the Thermage CPT system represents an advancement in skin tightening and body contouring technology. The Fraxel re:store Dual system incorporates fractional laser technology to the next level by adding a 1927nm wavelength, the first ever application of a Thulium laser in the aesthetics market.

The Thermage CPT incorporates Comfort Pulse Technology and includes a new ergonomic, vibrating hand piece. In addition, the Thermage CPT features scientifically advanced treatment tips that enhance efficacy and greatly improve overall patient comfort.

The Thermage CPT system features and benefits include: enhanced efficacy, superior patient comfort produced by comfort pulse technology and high patient satisfaction.

Solta Medical said that the new Fraxel re:store Dual system provides enhancements that enable physicians to better address pigmentation and other dyschromia on the entire body. The Fraxel re:store Dual system’s expanded versatility, with the addition of the new 1927nm wavelength, increases the areas of the body that physicians can treat.

Stephen Fanning, chairman of the board, president and CEO of Solta Medical, said: “Solta Medical is committed to developing innovative, safe and effective anti-aging solutions that deliver superior results for patients. The Thermage CPT and Fraxel re:store Dual systems are significant advancements in how physicians address aging skin. Both products have been well received by patients and physicians since their release last Fall.”