The new device has been developed for the feet, which produces safe infrared heat to stimulate blood circulation, relieve swelling, and loosen muscles.

Hammacher Schlemmer general manager Fred Berns said: "A study at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee showed LED technology to reduce painful inflammation by up to 37%.

"It’s the same kind of technology used to warm newborns — so we’re confident it will warm and comfort your feet."

The device is said to employ 172 LEDs and 152 infrared LEDs that produce a wavelength invisible to the human eye and 20 red LEDs, which will aggregate to penetrate deep into tissues to help relieve the soreness common with plantar fasciitis, neuroma, and tendonitis.

It will be operated for 20 minutes before shutting off automatically and plugs into AC with a 6′ cord, and is available at a price of $249.95.