Titan 3T features a 71 cm open bore and offers feet-first imaging for most exams, according to Toshiba.

The 3T MR system with Pianissimo technology minimizes exam noise by around 33 dB(A).

Kaleida Health Neurosurgery service chief and GVI Physician Board chair Nelson Hopkins III said, "The large bore and Pianissimo noise-reduction technology on Toshiba’s Titan 3T help improve patient compliance, enabling clear, artifact-free images for more accurate patient diagnoses during all general and vascular imaging exams."

Toshiba MR Business Unit director Stuart Clarkson said the main concerns with 3T imaging are patient compliance and diagnostic confidence during body imaging.

"Titan 3T addresses these concerns by providing integrated diagnostic solutions, enabling GVI to address its clinical needs with patient-friendly exams and exceptional image quality," Clarkson added.

GVI is also using Toshiba’s proprietary non-contrast imaging for some vascular exams.

Opened in March 2012, GVI consists of a 16-bed, highly specialized intensive care unit and a 62-bed short-stay suite.