As per the agreement, Gunnar’s website, marketing literature and product branding will carry Zeiss logo and an explanation of Zeiss’ role in co-developing, designing and manufacturing i-AMP enabled prescription lenses.

Joe Croft, co-founder and EVP of research and development at Gunnar, said: “We’re passionate about what we do, and we’ll never stop perfecting our product. To date, we’ve developed the best lens concept in the world for this application. Now we need the talents of the best lens maker in the world to take our ophthalmic technology to the next level.

“The partnership allows Gunnar to concentrate on the future of digital optics while Zeiss provides the engineering behind new digital performance optics innovations. “Gunnar is committed to every aspect of a digital lifestyle. Gunnar has already begun research efforts and produced prototypes in 3D technology, augmented reality eyewear, visually activated pointing devices and heads-up displays. With the help of Zeiss to make these concepts a reality, we’re poised to make the future of digital vision a reality.”

Fred Howard, president of Carl Zeiss Vision, Americas, said: “Carl Zeiss Vision will immediately begin adding their expertise to the partnership. We see it as a natural fit and a logical alignment. Gunnar has an understanding of the visual demands of a digital lifestyle, which has made the company a force in this industry almost overnight.”