Elekta Synergy is an advanced digital linear accelerator that integrates a suite of imaging tools to enable high quality 3D imaging while treating patients and enables GCCTC’s radiation oncologists to obtain images in the exact position by locating tumors and normal surrounding tissues clearly.

According to GCCTC, the technology reduces the risk of errors in tumor targeting and patient positioning, while also allowing an increase in radiation dose to the tumor by virtue of more certainty in the tumor’s location with a goal to improve the patient’s quality of life and the chances for long-term survival.

GCCTC medical director DB Hurst said that this capability provides with a solution to two of the most persistent and significant problems in radiation therapy: internal organ motion and errors in patient set-up.

Radiation oncologist Jefferson Trupp said that Elekta Synergy provides unmatched clinical confidence to treat tumors more aggressively, while minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue.