Guerbet (FR0000032526 GBT), a global leader in medical imaging, announces it will more than double its line of microcatheters and launch a new line of guidewires, resulting in a broad range of interventional imaging and embolization solutions available.

The company obtained its original offering of 18 references of SeQure® and DraKon™ microcatheters as part of their acquisition of Accurate Medical Therapeutics in 2018. It received the CE mark in April 2019, and was FDA cleared in 2018. Guerbet now expands the portfolio, adding 20 versions for a total of 38, and launching a new line of Axessio™ guidewires with two diameters. A limited market evaluation began in the United States during the fourth quarter of 2021, paving the way for a commercial launch rollout in Q2 2022 in select markets.

“The positive feedback we’ve received during the limited market release of our line extension has reinforced Guerbet’s decision to expand available tools to the healthcare professionals for various embolization procedures,” affirms David Hale, Chief Executive Officer. “This year marks our 40th anniversary in interventional radiology. We’re proud of that, but we consider it just the beginning. We’ve never been more dedicated to continuous growth and innovation to help interventional radiology physicians to meet an even greater number of patient needs.”

Both the SeQure® and DraKon™ technologies offer interventional radiologists optimized navigation capabilities which is expected to enable access to difficult anatomies and reach farther. Additionally, SeQure® is the only reflux control microcatheter enabling a fluid barrier technology for flow directed embolization. The new models are designed to deliver more targeted treatment and use a wider range of beads, from extra-small to large[1],[2].

“Innovation means everything to us, because it means everything to our physician partners and to their patients,” explains Jean-François Blanc, Senior VP, Interventional Imaging. “The more we see the results, the more we see opportunity to improve lives, and we just want to keep pushing forward. With strategic acquisitions that helped create a unique toolkit of microcatheters and this latest portfolio extension, we’re advancing options for the interventional radiology community.”

Source: Company Press Release