"As a result of our excellent experience with Methapharm over the past four years, we have expanded the range of Guerbet products in their care for promotion and distribution," says Massimo Carrara, VP North America, Guerbet.

 "We are confident that our successful partnership with Methapharm will continue to flourish with this expanded product line." Guerbet is committed to partnering with local associates to support Canadian patients and practitioners and to fostering local production in Canada at its Guerbet fill and finish plant in Montreal.

Guerbet solutions distributed by Methapharm will now span the full range of the company's products registered in Canada.

This includes contrast media products (including Lipiodol®, Patent Blue V, OptiRay®, Conray® and Telebrix®); injectors (including OptiStar®Elite, OptiVantage® and Illumena®Néo), and consumables.

"Methapharm is very pleased to expand our relationship with Guerbet," said Chris Calenti, Executive VP and General Manager, Methapharm. "Guerbet's extensive product line and expertise in contrast agents and imaging make them a highly beneficial partner."

With these developments, Guerbet continues to extend its footprint in North America. Guerbet previously solidified its position as a global leader with the acquisition of U.S.-based Mallinckrodt's Contrast Media and Delivery Systems (CMDS) business in 2015.

Guerbet is a pioneer in the contrast agent field, with 90 years' experience, and is the only pharmaceutical group dedicated to medical imaging worldwide.

 It offers a comprehensive range of X-Ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Interventional Radiology and Theranostics (IRT) products, along with a range of injectors and related medical devices to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients.