Eddie Gray, President of GSK’s European Pharmaceuticals Business said “GSK is doing everything it can to help governments and healthcare professionals tackle influenza effectively. This technology is very promising and has the potential to ensure that patients are diagnosed accurately and rapidly and that they receive the most appropriate treatment in a timely manner. It could also play a key part in enabling governments to support critical workers to fulfil their roles during a pandemic as well as facilitate sensitive influenza surveillance – key to the identification of novel strains and optimal utilisation of antiviral medication.”

John McKinley, Chairman and CEO of Enigma, said: “The partnership between Enigma and GSK enables significant progression towards the ‘holy grail’ of companion diagnostics – the ability to rapidly and locally test to the same accuracy standards as reference laboratories and immediately determine the correct treatment. This is without doubt one of the most significant clinical diagnostics partnerships to have been formed with Enigma. An accurate ‘test and treat’ capability offers the healthcare community an effective weapon to fight flu as the virus evolves. This is not only a significant step forward for flu but for other areas such as infectious disease management, where the ML system can also be used effectively.”