OxySure Systems’ federal supply schedule contract number, V797P-4153b is unrestricted, or a 100% set-aside contract for small business, and has an initial term ending November 14, 2013. Thereafter, the contract may be renewed for up to 3 additional 5-year terms.

GSA awards contracts to responsible companies offering commercial items, at fair and reasonable prices. OxySure is an emergency oxygen solution that has been approved and validated by third parties such as the FDA, UT Austin, Southwest Research Institute, and North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology.

OxySure Systems said that the OxySure use in military combat situations includes use in tactical vehicles (Stryker, Buffalo, Cougar, Humvee) and at operational bases. In the theater, the product enhances first response and forward resuscitative care significantly.

In non-combat situations OxySure’s Model 615 is suitable for onsite and emergency response at all facilities, including barracks, training facilities and schools. OxySure is also able to provide customized solutions for specific government requirements, including longer duration applications.

OxySure was approved by the FDA for over-the-counter (OTC) sale and therefore does not require a prescription. Since April 2008, there have been hundreds of emergencies in schools and school districts, in restaurants, and in commercial and home settings in which OxySure has been successfully used.

Julian Ross, chairman and CEO of OxySure, said: “OxySure is very pleased to be on the GSA Schedule. We have always believed that OxySure is perfect for use in various Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and other homeland security applications. Our GSA contract opens the doors for immediate acquisition and deployment.”