Seconds count on the football field and they also count in the stadium’s x-ray room. This need for speed is the reason Green Bay Packers personnel capture and view medical images of injured players using digital technology from Carestream Health, Inc. Each x-ray image is captured digitally in less than one minute. So in the time it used to take to process a single film image, athletic trainers and physicians can complete an entire imaging exam and view it on a workstation to determine the severity of an injury, how to treat it and whether the player can return to the game. “Having immediate access to a digital image is a huge advantage when we need to make decisions about whether a player can return to the game,” said Pepper Burruss, Head Athletic Trainer, Green Bay Packers. “This system also delivers excellent image quality, which is not only critical for game-day decisions, but also for making medical decisions during practices and training camp.” The recently installed imaging solution consists of a KODAK DIRECTVIEW Classic CR System for digital image capture, a workstation for image viewing and short-term storage, a laser printer and a CD burner. Visiting teams also benefit from this digital imaging solution, since medical exams on their players can be burned to CDs for convenient storage and access. In the future, the Packers also plan to electronically transmit imaging studies to orthopedic specialists and physicians in remote locations. “We believe our digital imaging solution delivers significant advantages for professional sports teams. Being able to digitally capture and store high-quality digital x-ray images can help protect the health of each player and can ultimately enhance the team’s performance,” said Connie Pettijohn, Vice President of Corporate Accounts and Strategic Alliances, Carestream Health. “Implementing our digital imaging solution is a smart business decision for the team and an excellent benefit for the players.”