WL Gore & Associates has unveiled C3 Delivery System in Europe to deploy the Gore Excluder AAA Endoprosthesis as a minimally invasive treatment for patients suffering from an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).

The Gore C3 Delivery System provides surgeons and interventionalists with added deployment control with the ability to reposition the Gore Excluder Device, increased confidence while treating challenging anatomies and cannulation options with the ability to bring the contralateral gate to the contralateral guidewire.

The Gore Excluder Device maintains the same low delivery profile and flexibility on catheter that facilitates access and passage through narrow and tortuous anatomies.

The Gore C3 Delivery System enables repositioning of the stent graft minimising complications during the initial deployment.

Gore Aortic Business Unit leader David Abeyta said that the Gore C3 Delivery System for the Gore Excluder Device has shown a high level of performance in the first clinical uses and that it will provide surgeons added confidence and control during deployment of endovascular procedures.

“The Gore C3 Delivery System is an excellent example of Gore’s unceasing commitment, in collaboration with the endovascular community, to work toward the improvement of patient care,” Abeyta said.