TroClose1200 is a new trocar with integrated closure system for the suturing of abdominal wall incisions during laparoscopic surgical procedures.

The new device serves as a trocar to enable surgical instruments enter the abdomen, in addition to helping in closing internal incisions made during surgery.

According to the company, the surgeons currently insert sutures in a time-consuming and difficult process at the end of the procedure or they close internal incisions with the use of an additional device.

Through using novel release mechanism, the TroClose1200 will insert sutures into the tissue at the beginning of the procedure and anchored to remain in place across the process.

The company has started human trials to show the safety and efficacy of the TroClose1200 system.

Gordian said that it already carried out 34 successful laparoscopic procedures using the TroClose1200 including hysterectomy, cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal), hernia repair, and sleeve gastrectomy.

The company intends to complete 50 additional procedures, as part of the trial by the end of this year.

Gordian Surgical CEO Zvi Pe'er said: "Receiving CE Mark certification allows us to move to the next phase and start sales, a critical step in our development. We expect to begin sales during the first half of 2017."