The trial, led by principal investigator Dr Krishna Prasad, comprised 30 post surgery cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) patients.

Over the past two years, Dr Prasad has tested the GlySure CBGM system in over 160 ICU patients demonstrating high levels of accuracy and repeatability for up to five days of continuous monitoring.

Dr Prasad noted for over a decade, the clinical community has been seeking a way to tightly control glucose levels in ICU patients that enables them to perform this function with accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

"Our trials to date indicate that GlySure’s technology can address the decade-long demand for better ICU glycemic control and I am excited to embark on this next stage of its testing," Dr Prasad added.

GlySure CEO Chris Jones noted the company has made tremendous progress in 2013 with the advancements in its technology, expansion of intellectual property and completion of enrollment in the company’s CE Mark trial.

"The CE Mark trial is another significant milestone in our company’s development. We look forward to being able to bring this product to market and engaging with European clinicians to deliver simple, accurate and effective glycemic control for ICU patients," Jones added.