Glycotex has reported that on January 19, 2010, US Patent No. 7,648,968 has been issued with claims directed to the use of microparticulate glucan technology, including GLYC-101 for the treatment of dermal ulcers. The grant of this US patent represents a development in the company’s US patent portfolio, as it provides protection for the therapeutic application of GLYC-101 independent of the method of production of the glucan.

Over the last 12 months, the company has continued to strengthen its patent position around the world, in relation to its microparticulate glucan technology. The US Patent No. 7,622,575 issued on November 24, 2009, with claims directed to the treatment of tendon and ligament injuries using microparticulate glucan including GLYC-101.

The company also said that the Canadian and Japanese patents were granted in the second half of 2008 adding to the portfolio of US, European, UK and Australian patents. The Canadian patent protects the production of microparticulate glucan.

The Canadian patent uses the glucan for the treatment of a variety of conditions and disorders, including skin ulceration, dermal ulcers associated with dysfunctional healing, UV light induced skin damage, bone fractures and the enhancement of fixation of orthopaedic devices.

The Japanese patent protects the production of microparticulate glucan. Treatment uses of the glucan are being pursued in Japan in a pending application.