The new products include Caliber, InterContinental, SP-Fix, and the Revere Corrective Osteotomy Set.

Caliber is a vertically expandable lumbar fusion device through which insertion is performed at a contracted height to help reduce the amount of nerve root retraction required.

TheCaliber implant restores disc height with controlled distraction to aid in properly tensioning the annulus and surrounding ligaments.

InterContinenta Plate-Spacer is an intraoperatively assembled system which features low-profile plate and spacer to minimize disruption to patient anatomy, an optimized screw design to help promote fusion and a plate-spacer for use with supplemental fixation.

SP-Fix is a spinous process fixation device designed to provide structural stability, indirect decompression and immobilization of the adjacent spinous processes, while preserving the supraspinous ligament.

The Revere Corrective Osteotomy Set is designed to increase the efficiency of Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomies, Ponte Osteotomies, Smith-Petersen Osteotomies and Vertebral Column Resections by providing instruments that accommodate various surgical preferences and anatomical variations.

The set features lighted spoon retractors that enhance the surgeon’s ability to visualize the osteotomy site.