GlobalMedia said that the CapSure and CONI Server applications provide clinicians with the ability to work with, store and forward high resolution, digital images including real-time video and still images for secure storage in EMRs.

Validation means that CapSure Dicom formatted files have been approved to work within the Modality Work List (MWL ) for Secondary Capture (OT) of Images and are able to merge dynamically into the VistA workflow. The workflow is done in three simple steps: find the patient, snap the images of interest and close the application when done all while complying with the Dicom standard and the VistA architecture.

Unlike proprietary systems, the CapSure and Coni software are standards-based units that further telemedicine and create an experience like a traditional medical office visit.

Joel Barthelemy, managing director of GlobalMedia, said: “As a Marine Corps veteran, I am honored that GlobalMedia can play a role in improving the care and treatment of our valued veterans. CapSure medical image automation bridges the integration chasm that has existed between visible and non-visible light imagery within an enterprise-wide imaging system built around electronic medical records.”

Michael Harris, development director for GlobalMedia, said, “This really raises the bar on innovation and keeping it simple. CapSure complies with the SOP Class UID = 1.2.840.10008. of the Dicom 3.0 standard, but also supports client management over the network when several medical technicians or doctors are using the service at the same time.”