Featuring allograft and alloplast bone graft options, as well as resorbable barrier membranes and a collagen-based wound dressing, this product line is aimed at increasing clinician access to top-quality regenerative materials for use in cases marked by bone or soft tissue deficiencies.

"The Newport Biologics line of bone grafting materials and resorbable barrier membranes represents the highest quality of regenerative products available," said Dr. Neil Park, director of clinical affairs for Glidewell Laboratories.

"By assembling only the most versatile, effective, and frequently used regenerative materials the industry has to offer, we hope to provide clinicians a simplified buying experience, unparalleled value, and the confidence to efficiently and reliably treat the majority of grafting indications."

Along with the damaging cycle of tooth loss and tissue resorption known to result from periodontal defects, extraction sockets, and other bone deficiencies, industry trends suggest that an increasing percentage of dental implant procedures require bone grafting to optimize the esthetic and functional result.

These and other factors have led to a discernible rise in the demand for grafting procedures in the modern dental practice.

"Unfortunately, there tends to be a lot of confusion in the marketplace," Dr. Park went on to say. "Different materials, of varying origin and composition, all with proprietary naming conventions, can make it difficult for dentists to determine which products are best suited for their patients' needs."

Newport Biologics products are carefully selected for the dental practice and processed in accordance with rigorous U.S. FDA regulations.

The allograft materials are sourced from the venerable University of Miami Tissue Bank, the oldest in the nation, and resorbable membranes are engineered to optimize handling characteristics to support the clinician's preferred bone grafting techniques. Individual product names are intended to clearly reflect the material's composition and usage.

"We are very excited to add the Newport Biologics line to our growing portfolio of dental implant and restorative products," said Dave Casper, president of Prismatik Dentalcraft, the manufacturing division of Glidewell Laboratories.

 "We've solicited feedback from some of the top opinion leaders in implant dentistry to bring a focused line of regenerative products to our customers that can meet their bone grafting needs."

Founded in 1970, Glidewell Laboratories is an innovative, full-service dental lab and dental device manufacturer located in Newport Beach, California. Since its inception, Glidewell has been driven by clinician demand and fueled by its fundamental desire to increase the affordability of advanced dental procedures.

This unique position enables the company to advance the leading edge of dentistry, employing a diverse team of dentists, scientists, material researchers and other experienced professionals to develop beneficial new products.