The program, Complete the Cycle Recycle, is designed to help people to deposit their empty inhalers at community-based retail pharmacies, which will be sent directly to a specialized recycler for recycling.

The recovered aerosol canister will be sent to a specialist company which will capture remaining gas and recycle the metal components, while plastics will be used to make new household products such as plastic hangers and plastic flower pots.

The company said the program is being offered to retail pharmacies in 31 US markets to make available to their customers.

GSK respiratory business area senior vice president Jorge Bartolome said the Complete the Cycle recycling program provides an in-store location for people to drop off empty GSK respiratory inhalers for shipment to a specialized recycler.

"GSK piloted the program earlier in five markets and collected nearly 2,700 inhalers," Bartolome added.

"By expanding to 31 U.S. markets, we hope to recycle more than 100,000 empty GSK inhalers."