The Ginolis Delilah lateral flow assembly (LFA) product is built on the Ginolis’s productized modular Ginolis Delilah robotic platform, which has a proven track record for various Point of Care (POC) diagnostic applications (such as microfluidic device and microneedle manufacturing).

The Ginolis Delilah platform is now also introduced with features to transform it into a world leading solution for lateral flow test manufacturing. The Ginolis Delilah LFA solution offers the world’s highest production volume by solution footprint.

The Ginolis Delilah LFA product has both a quick setup time and a rapid changeover time. Ginolis LFA is easy to use and it comes with a user-friendly UI. Its vision-based quality control system helps the user to follow the quality of production and potentially additional functionalities like printing and pouching.

Ginolis CEO Teijo Fabritius says: "The aim for designing this product was a small square footage, usability, a short setup time, low daily and long-term maintenance, high-quality components and to create a scalable solution that can be extended to a large-scale production."

Ginolis Delilah LFA can be seen at the Ginolis stand #7 at the Lab-on-a-Chip Exhibition on 17-18 September, 2014 in San Diego.