The purpose of the NUB process is to introduce new and innovative medical products prior to reimbursement being available. It is also the preferred way to bring the procedure cost of a treatment, such as EndoBarrier, into the German reimbursement (DRG) system.

The designation of NUB Status 1 is the highest level available, and entitles participating hospitals to negotiate with insurance companies for additional funding to cover the cost of procedures. Once the negotiation is completed, a hospital will be authorized to perform an agreed upon number of procedures in that year.

An NUB decision is valid for one year, at which point hospitals can reapply for NUB status. Historically, subsequent NUB status has been granted for multiple years in order to capture a high volume of treatment cost.

GI Dynamics president and CEO Stuart A Randle noted this favorable decision from InEK represents a significant step forward in our national reimbursement efforts in Germany to establish EndoBarrier Therapy as an accessible treatment option for people who are struggling with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

"After receiving the unique OPS-Code for EndoBarrier, and now the NUB Status 1, we are hopeful we’re on a path that will lead to adequate remuneration of EndoBarrier procedures. This positive momentum is a result of our intensive reimbursement strategy in Germany and the collaborative approach taken by GI Dynamics, influential medical societies, physicians and other key constituents," Randle added.