Users can search for profiles of hospitals in 17 countries around the region, with each report delivering:

Medical equipment counts for each hospital, covering nearly 40 different types

Technology capabilities for each hospital (PACS, RIS, EMRs and more)

Infrastructure breakdown: beds, medical units and more

Medical/administrative personnel counts, including contact information

“While some of our clients need data on a large amount of medical facilities across a country or countries in LatAm, some just need one report on one hospital—or perhaps just a handful of hospitals,” explains Guillaume Corpart, CEO of Global Health Intelligence. “We created HospiVista to serve those specific needs for data resources covering Latin American hospitals.”

Among the professionals who can benefit from HospiVista are:

Hospital administrators in Latin America who can use reports to evaluate competitors and benchmark

Medical equipment/device sales and marketing teams focused on Latin America that need reports on specific hospitals they have identified as strong sales leads

Investors who need data on specific Latin American hospitals as part of researching acquisition potential

Market intelligence professionals in Latin American healthcare who are researching specific facilities in certain markets

On the HospiVista site, users can search for individual hospitals by name, by country or by nature of establishment. Once users find the hospital that interests them, they purchase the report on that hospital, which is available for immediate download and also e-mailed to them. “With an aging population and the expansion of NCDs requiring extensive care, healthcare in Latin America will expand significantly in the coming decades,” observes Corpart. “Data will be crucial for a lot of future decisions affecting healthcare in the region, so a resource like HospiVista can make a huge difference for everyone, ranging from politicians and investors to hospital administrators and healthcare providers.”

Source: Company Press Release