Today, GetMyDNA announces the launch of their consumer-initiated Pharmacogenetics at-home test kit. Pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing measures the body’s response to specific drugs. Currently GetMyDNA checks for 88 different medications, as more guidance is received from the FDA, the medications checked will continue to grow.

What is Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Testing?

Pharmacogenetics testing is the examination of certain genes to determine how individuals might react to specific medications. With insight derived from pharmacogenetic testing, healthcare providers may decrease the need for trial-and-error dosing and might substantially reduce the risk of adverse drug events. Once the sample is received by the lab, the results are typically completed within 5 days of the lab receipt.

How it Works

The GetMyDNA PGx Test Home Collection Kit is a mail-in home collection test kit available for individuals in all 50 U.S. states. This test provides a non-invasive cheek swab for a quick and pain-free experience. The test will be available to order online at with free overnight shipping both ways, or for retailer/bulk purchase with customized solutions and pricing available. All samples are tested by CAP & CLILA certified laboratory, Gravity Diagnostics.

“Gravity Diagnostics, a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory, launched GetMyDNA in 2018 with the intention to help individuals take more control over their own health and wellness. We are excited to announce that GetMyDNA now offers a… PGx testing solution that is available for consumers in all 50 states,” said Tony Remington, co-founder, and CEO of Gravity Diagnostics.

GetMyDNA provides affordable and reliable diagnostic home-testing solutions backed by telemedicine across the U.S. GetMyDNA is currently focused on providing gold-standard PCR COVID-19 testing as well as Pharmacogenomics testing through their consumer initiated kits. Being owned by Gravity Diagnostics means no middleman lab partners which allows for faster result times as an affordable price.

Source: Company Press Release