Insulin pens are drug-delivery devices in ball-point pen format, which allow diabetes patients to inject themselves with the regularly required insulin dose safely and almost painlessly. Novo Nordisk has contracted Gerresheimer to manufacture components for its insulin pens.

Reportedly, Novo Nordisk has a large insulin plant in Brazil which will, in future, be supplied locally by the new technology center of the Gerresheimer Group. For Gerresheimer this is already the fourth production plant in South America, in addition to two existing plants for standardized pharma plastic packaging in Brazil and one in Argentina.

Apart from the new production facility in Brazil, Gerresheimer already has two other production facilities for pen systems in Europe.

Axel Herberg, CEO of Gerresheimer, said: “Cooperation with Novo Nordisk in Brazil is of substantial strategic importance for us. We support the customer in developing new markets and at the same time expand our technological base in South America.”